Why You Should Explore C-Level Roundtables

Subject: A Secret Opportunity for Client Retention and Growth

A Solution to the Challenge of Remain Close and Relevant to Your Clients

Growing your professional services firm (PSF) is more challenging today than perhaps ever before, given the nature of consolidating competition, demand for talent, and changing client expectations – but there is a simple way to retain clients longer, know them better, and keep them coming back for an even wider array of services.

You already know this, but you need to offer clients experiences that improve long-term relationships. The best client retention experiences are:

  • Ongoing, not one-time events
  • Impactful for the clients
  • Action-oriented, leading toward client growth and creation of solutions
  • Relevant to your business and the clients’ business
  • Facilitate client exposure to a broader array of services or intellectual property, in a non-salesy manner
  • Create learning opportunities for your clients and teaching opportunities for your Partners

The only way we know of to accomplish all of that in a simple, easily implemented manner is for your firm to host ongoing monthly roundtables comprised of C-level executives from your client and prospect pools. Why? Just Google Peer Advisory Councils, Executive Roundtables, Mastermind Groups, or CEO Forums and you will see compelling reasons for your clients to join them. But why not join your group?

Sound challenging, time-consuming, intimidating? Well, it is not! Want to learn how?