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The Problem: Partner-level Professionals are Overworked; No One is Trained to be a Moderator; It is a Difficult and Complicated Role

While it makes intuitive sense for your firm to offer a peer advisory council, your staff is already overworked, task-saturated, and not entirely comfortable with or inexperienced in moderating. And chances are, your firm could not easily scale up the Peer Advisory process internally.

Therefore, you should consider working with a third-party expert, a professional moderator who would work with your clients under your own brand. The result will be more satisfied clients, that are making better growth decisions, needing more of your services, and ultimately, are more connected to your organization. Ultimately, your firm will grow more rapidly as a result.

In some firms, Partners may choose to serve as moderators for their own peer groups, but they are typically less effective than third-party experts.

In other firms, the Partners may recommend a client to investigate Vistage, YPO or TAB, where they may have a relationship – or be a member. However, when a client is sent off to a third-party peer group, the benefits to the firm of keeping the client close are completely lost (the ability to stay on clients’ radar screens, offer formal and informal insights, education, and communication, learn from clients about their needs (and more)).

The Solution – A White Label Model and a Simple 3-Step Process

The ideal solution is for your firm to bring in an expert, a professional peer advisory group moderator, under a white label service agreement. The moderator acts as a member of your firm, and the brand relationship that clients maintain is with your firm. To the clients, the third-party moderator is an employee of the PSF. Our simple Three-step Process involves the following:

  1. A Simple Conversation: Schedule a discovery call in which we will ask about challenges and opportunities your firm faces, goals of a peer advisory council program,  measures of success, benefits, and next steps.
  2. The Development of the Peer Councils for your Clients: Group types, internal coordination, an administrative lead, marketing to clients, onboarding of clients and your staff.
  3. The Feedback Loop for Your Firm: Client unmet needs, wants and wishes, requests for input and advice, suggestions for changes within your firm, client progress reports, feedback on the peer advisory council and potential pivots given their inputs, lessons learned.


Professional services firms should add the peer advisory council service offering for their clients. We help you do what you do best — concentrate on running your business – while offering your clients an ongoing and impactful experience. The benefits to your clients and to your PSF are substantial.

Strategic Growth Council (CEO Peer Groups – Strategic Growth Council) is intentional and focused, dedicated to solving business problems, and ideating on opportunities. We do this in two ways:

  1. Peer Advisory Councils
  2. Strategic Planning Facilitation

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