The most effective experience you can offer your clients

Does your firm not offer a peer advisory council yet? It should.

The most effective experience you can offer your clients is to engage with them in your firm’s Peer Advisory Council.

More than 100,000 C-level executives participate in them. Why? Peer Advisory Councils are a diverse, yet like-minded, group of business executives who value learning and the exchange of ideas, information, wisdom, and solutions. Together, in a disciplined, dedicated, and intentional fashion, they ensure continuous member growth and development. The result is a community of peers, who eventually become like family – a tribe of trusted confidantes.

You should offer your clients the opportunity to join a peer advisory council comprised of your current, recent, and prospective clients. The group would be branded in the name of your firm and moderated by a third-party professional.

And I am inviting you to collaborate with Strategic Growth Council to make it happen.

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