We are intentional and focused, dedicated to solving portfolio company problems, and ideating on opportunities.

Every Operator yearns to have all the answers to running their business. In today’s fast-paced environment of information, new trends, and never-ending challenges, where do you find the time to think about those answers?

Managing your day-to-day responsibilities can be daunting enough, let alone worrying about the PE Board Operator Partner company’s future. Solving problems alone can be frustrating, isolating, and costly.

It takes a lot of time and energy to be an effective PE Operator every day. It’s lonely in your position. Sometimes you need to be held accountable and told the unbiased truth. You certainly don’t have the time or the resources to put your own group of advisors together to accomplish this.
Benefit from our community of C-level executives to act as your board of advisors — and you as theirs — in a confidential environment you can trust. We match you with the best peer group for you and provide you with experienced moderating in a proven format.
Strategic Growth Council is a Certified LXCouncil License Partner. LXCouncil has a unique process for its members (COPIs), and for its strategic alliance partners. Value Proposition of LXCouncil for Members
  • Hand-picked (selected)
  • Non-competing and confidential
  • Committed to accountability
  • Focused on finding solutions to your cases – Challenges, Opportunities, Problems, Ideas
  • Embrace learning, challenge convention
  • A circle of trusted peers as advisors
  • Annual deep-dives
In the end, we help you do what you do best — concentrate on creating value as effectively as possible.

And here is a bit about LXCouncil:

As the #1 leader in Mastermind Groups, LXCouncil is changing the trajectory of the peer-to-peer group industry. An LXCouncil peer advisory forum is a hand-picked group up to twelve business owners and CEOs who help each other identify and capitalize upon their opportunities, and discover insights into their toughest challenges. Council members must be

From non-competing industries UNBIASED

with no conflicts of interest

committed to confidentiality AND accountability

Each council meets once per month for half a day, and creates deep, trusting relationships that one member described as “the best friends I see only four hours per month.” Strategic Growth Council is a certified License partner of LXCouncil.

With over 10,000 hours of successful, proven monthly agendas, have grown and made progress toward their vision. They are healthy companies that develop their employees, which results in their communities thriving around them and because of them.

Even during COVID, our members thrived, pivoted, and grew in large part due to their peer group. Hear from a CEO and their experience during COVID.

Managing your day-to-day responsibilities as a CEO can be daunting enough, let alone worry about the company’s future. You shouldn’t feel alone and frustrated to solve all your problems, challenges or get ideas by yourself, trial and error, costing you a lot of money and time.


Kit Lisle is the founder of Strategic Growth Council, a certified license partner of LX Council. Kit serves as moderator/facilitator for our peer advisory groups of middle market M&A professionals. Strategic Growth Council is focused on middle market mergers, acquisitions and strategic growth. In addition to peer advisory councils, Strategic Growth Council also serves a strategic planning role with its members.

Kit is also the founder and Chairman of Acclaro Partners, a growth strategy consulting firm serving the ecosystem of middle market Mergers & Acquisitions in North America. Acclaro’s primary services are buy-side services such as commercial/market due diligence for private equity groups, value creation and strategic growth decision support services, and sell-side services such as sell-side market studies for Investment banks.

Kit has always gravitated to concepts such as servant leadership, listening first, asking lots of questions, being engaged and following through to ensure positive outcomes for clients and colleagues. He is particularly passionate about facilitating strategic planning, coaching and moderating discussions around strategic growth. The opportunity to serve as a peer advisory council facilitator was fortuitous and Kit is very enthusiastic about the opportunity to serve in this capacity.

Prior to founding Acclaro Partners in 2000, Kit served as Vice-President of Acquisition Services for Markowitz and McNaughton, developing extensive experience with market-entry analysis, competitive analysis and market due diligence for Fortune 1000 companies. Kit’s experience in market intelligence and market due diligence is based upon his role as Military Intelligence Officer with the U.S. Army, where he served as a Eurasia Desk Officer at the National Joint Military Intelligence Center, within the Joints Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon.

An active member of the Association for Corporate Growth, Kit has an undergraduate degree from Franklin and Marshall College in Government and a Master’s degree from the University of Virginia in Foreign Affairs. He has written for numerous publications on topics related to M&A, niche strategy penetration and strategy development post-close, and has also been a speaker at conferences and seminars around the country on the same types of subjects.

Kit currently is engaged to be married, and has two children from his first marriage, a son and a daughter, one in high school and the elder in college. When not working, Kit enjoys traveling, boating, home renovation, car restoration and sports. He has participated in numerous triathlons, plays in a racquetball league, and loves (watching and coaching, but no longer playing) basketball!