Beyond Annual C-Level Summits for Portfolio Companies – Why the Annual Event is Not Enough

Based on the results of a recent LinkedIn poll, one could assume that Private Equity owners invest much time and energy into activities that enable, unleash and promote human capital / management optimization and/or facilitate improved growth strategies. According to respondents to the LinkedIn poll, the greatest opportunities for improvement facing private equity portfolio companies are “Human capital and management” and “Growth strategy” issues. “Collaboration, learning and insight” and “Process improvement” received very few votes.

Many private equity groups (PEGs) today conduct some form of a CEO or C-level executive Summit, typically on an annual basis. These activities are beneficial both from a human capital standpoint and often serve a growth strategy function, as well. C-Level Summits are a step in the right direction, but they do not go far enough. We suggest doing more along similar lines.

“In addition to a C-Level Summit, a monthly roundtable meeting may make sense for your portfolio…

But how much internal time and energy goes into planning and organizing these event(s)? What if some of this could be outsourced? Instead of spending the time, energy and financial resources on more of the same types of events, PEGs should consider augmenting the annual CEO Summit by hosting ongoing monthly roundtables, mastermind groups, or peer advisory councils (these terms are used interchangeably here). Doing so will have actionable business impacts on growth, enable you to gain insights about their needs and interests and will foster and facilitate mutual connections. The process of setting them up and facilitating them need not take a lot of your time.


At Strategic Growth Council (CEO Peer Groups – Strategic Growth Council) , we have a Three-Step Process to manage the process on your behalf. We are dedicated to solving business problems, and ideating on opportunities. We do this in two ways:

  1. Peer Advisory Councils
  2. Strategic Planning Facilitation

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